Whatever you do with it, we are here to provide the most functional, safest, and long-lasting stage equipment possible, so you can wow your audience.

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Long before the stage is up

Stage Equipment &

Our stage equipment is the safest in the industry. Combine it with our C⋅A⋅T CONTROL to get the most functional stage imaginable.

Telescopic Stands &
Seating Systems

Our flexible room & seating systems create space for every event – fully automated in minutes and completely customised for the needs of your venue. 


No two stages are alike. That’s why we design highly customised stage solutions for every specification around the globe.

Service &

Every stage needs regular care. That’s why our technicians are available 24/7 no matter the timezone, no matter the brand.

Waagner Biro Stage Solutions

Stage Solutions without limits

Let your imagination run free and put on your best show yet. With ever more demanding audiences you need to be ready for the next decades of creative endeavours. That’s why we make sure our stage solutions not just outlast every other on the market, but are also the most functional, flexible and of course safest stages possible.


How we work

Only if you know someone’s values can you trust their work. It is because of our 4 core values we have become one of the world’s biggest stage solutions provider. By continually focusing on what is important to us and our clients we have gathered a team of dedicated, hard-working people sharing our visions, so you can be sure to get the safest, most functional stage on time and in budget, and have fun operating it.


Ensuring the safety of actors, stage technicians, and audiences is our utmost priority.


We believe operating a stage should be as easy as possible and as complex as necessary.


We say it like we mean it, so you can trust our engineering, our timeline and our commitment.


Our engineers thrive on a good challenge. That's why we're always looking for the best solutions.

Stage Stories

Service. And then some.

You like a well-kept stage. So do we. That’s why we service & maintain every type of stage around the globe. Yes, even third-party stages.