State Theatre / Arts Centre Melbourne

Country / City: Australia / Melbourne
Completion: 2021
Client: Arts Centre Melbourne
Equipment Delivered: Upper stage machinery, C⋅A⋅T control system

Our Task

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The Arts Centre Melbourne is a complex of 5 distinct venues. The Hamer Hall concert hall is a separate building and the largest of the venues. The other venues (the State Theatre, Playhouse, Fairfax Studio) are housed in the Theatres Building (under the spire).

The Renewal of the State Theatre involved over 100 batten hoists in the theatre’s upper machinery. This included dismantling the existing technology, installation of the new machines, and the complete renovation of the electrical and control systems. The newly developed C⋅A⋅T V5 gallery desks (C⋅A⋅T 550) have been also installed.

Waagner-Biro Stage Systems was acting as main contractor for all renewal works covering the Theatre Equipment Flying System, Stage Lighting and Project Associated Builders  Works.

A deadline of just under 7 months was provided for all related renovation work

At a Glance:

  • 107 Batten hoists
  • 22 Chain Hoists
  • 12 mobile Point hoists
  • C⋅A⋅T V5 control system