Business Center Skolkovo

Country / City: Russia / Moscow – Skolkovo
Year of Completion: 2017
Seats: 540 seats
Equipment Delivered: 11 main platforms; 29 secondary platforms

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Business Centre in Skolkovo – a multifunctional building in the heart of Skolkovo. The main feature of the building is the 48-metre-tall atrium space with a spiral ramp. It can be quickly transformed into a conference hall, theatre scene or exhibition area.

Waagner-Biro Stage Systems provided a complex lifting platform system for high performance audience use. The building is equipped with a circular floor plan in its interior and a multifunctional platform configuration consisting of 11 platforms with several secondary platforms incorporated at ±0 m level where different types of event can take place. The diameter is 19.8 m and the lifting height of the variable platforms goes up to +4.5 m.
The upper stage machinery has been equipped with a 6D flying system.

Up to 16 point-hoist winches can be used for simultaneous 3D or 6D movement. This allows control of not only position, but also roll, pitch and yaw axis of a flying object driven by eight winches. Furthermore, it is possible to have multiple objects flying at the same time.

The entirety of the upper stage machinery is integrated into the CAT-control system.

In Summer 2017 the new and ultra-modern business centre celebrated its opening.

At a Glance:

  • 11 main platforms (scissor guided), 29 secondary platforms (screw jack driven)
  • 3D and 6D flying system
  • Individual configuration for approx. 540 seats