AIDAprima & AIDAperla

Completion: 2016 / 2017
Customer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (JAP) for AIDA Cruises
Length: 300 m
Width: 37.60 m
Passengers: 3,300

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AIDAprima is one of the latest flagships of AIDA Cruises, Germany‘s largest cruise line. In 2011, AIDA Cruises entrusted Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. with the construction of two innovative cruise ships that will effectively become the next generation of the company. With a gross tonnage of 124,500, length of 300 meters and width of 37.60 meters. It will provide space for about 3,300 passengers. AIDAprima‘s maiden voyage took place in spring 2016.

Extending over three decks, the Theatrium is the light-filled heart of entertainment on-board. Held by a hoisting winch with a capacity of 1,200 kg, a LED ball is suspended in this space. When illuminated, it shines like a radiant fixed star at the centre of the Theatrium. Equally fascinating are the LED walls that surround the stage. A total of nine LED panels, held by smaller winches and two steel cables each, allow the creation of unique and highly sophisticated effects.

The sister ship AIDAperla´s maiden voyage took place in May 2017.

At a Glance:

  • C-shaped platforms with a total of 10.12 m²
  • Turntable stage elevator & 7step stage elevators
  • 3 pcs flying systems for artists
  • Flying construction for LED wall
  • LED ball hoist