Control System

C⋅A⋅T V5

Try imagining 200 axes of fully synchronized concurrent movement in 6 dimensions. Now try controlling all of this complexity. Now add high speed flying hoists, actors, musicians, creative directors, audiences,…
Your job sounds complicated.

Our industry leading C⋅A⋅T V5 control system condenses all of this into a console with the ease of use of a smartphone. Powerful automation combined with a graphical user interface, drag & drop gestures, and dynamic live editing makes this the most advanced and user friendly control system on the market. Multi-User collaboration is a breeze and integrates with all your workflows, including 3D virtual stages. The redundant high-speed safety network with fully SIL3 certified control & drives is trusted by technical directors across the globe.

Control System

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Always in Control.

C⋅A⋅T V5. powerful. individual. safe.


Our goal is easily defined: to integrate the best control ideas found in theatre, show and performance automation into a single powerful concept, pushing the existing boundaries.


Any production model in the entertainment industry has its own specific requirements. So too does any individual venue and production, and any individual user role and user.


A consistent and transparent safety concept is our basis for realising integrated machinery control solutions that operate with actors, technicians and audience in the hazard zone.

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Custom Models

Axes Controller

The AXIO 5 combines an SIL3 certified safety motion controller and safety I/O ports in a hot-pluggable black box, and translates your console commands into the necessary electrical signals to control all kinds of machinery.


Large displays and multi-touch screens provide extensive space for graphical editing and visual feedback. In addition up to twelve docking slots are available for adding different control devices.


8 different control devices are available to combine as needed and to extend your console. The devices include jog wheels, interactive buttons, joysticks, and high resolution playback wheels, amongst others.

Smart Guiding Design

Best-in-class user experience with well thought-out interface graphics, smart assistants, multi-user workflow management and adaptive screen layouts, that is continually developed further.